FatSac FlipSurf Wakeshaper

Wakeshaper FlipSurf by FatSac




Take your surfing to the next level. FlipSurf® allows you to ride on a professional wake with the least amount of set up, breakdown and storage needs. FlipSurf® is easier to use than any other wake shaper on the market. FlipSurf® attaches to the mounting bracket through an effortless, magnetic connection. FlipSurf®can be adjusted to increase or decrease the size and shape of the wake to create the cleanest, longest, tallest wake on the lake.


By displacing water away from the boat on one side, the opposite side of the wake cleans up, lengthens and rolls over to make the perfect surf wake. Using FlipSurf® in effect with evenly weighted ballast on both sides of the boat will make perfect waves that you can ride without the need of listing your boat with ballast or piling everyone to one side of the boat. Adjusting the angle of FlipSurf® and adjusting the amount of ballast will increase or decrease the amount of water displaced and will adjust the size of your wave with little effort.


The design for FlipSurf® was constructed to allow for the most dynamic range of wave options while reducing the amount of white water exhibited by the wave.  FlipSurf®‘s size also reduces the amount of stress on your boat, allowing for greater maneuverability, less splash and better fuel economy.


FlipSurf® comes with mounting brackets that attach to your boat via a strong, double-sided tape.  These mounting brackets fit the vast majority of boats and blend in naturally with your boats contour.  Once installed, FlipSurf® is held in place by heavy-duty magnets that won’t wear out like other suction-based models.


FlipSurf® collapses down to less than 2″ in thickness.  Other products may require tools or disassembly, and no other option takes up as little space as FlipSurf® once folded down.  Spend more time boating and less time adjusting equipment when you purchase FlipSurf®.